Turkic Vision Song Contest Wiki
Turkic Vision Song Contest
Genre Song contest
Created by Aussiegoomba
Presented by Aussigoomba
Country of origin
Original language(s) English
Location(s) Various
Running time Various (about one month)
Original run August 2018 – present
Edition(s) 24 (So far)
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TVSC in numbers
Edition(s) 24 editions (So far)
Countries participate 44
Songs performed 292

Turkic Vision Song Contest is a contest where both Turkic countries compete! It is a Eurovision styled and inspired competition created by Aussiegoomba.

Participation & Voting

  • No (J)ESC Songs
  • singers must be 13yrs above
  • Entries must be sent to Aussiegoomba (@aussiegoomba) for approval
  • Singers must have a strong connection to the country like born ,live they for 3yrs or parents
  • Take one of the free countries.
  • Song must have been released from 2010 to the present day
  • The entry must be selected via National Selection or Internal Selection
  • Covers are allowed as long as the original hasn't been used.
  • Strikes will given if you don't confirm/withdraw by the deadline or vote in time at this
  • Not voting will lead to being disqualified from the current edition
  • point an X will be put next to your name. When you have 3 strikes you will be kick from the contest and your country will become free.
  • After three strikes you will be banned for 3 months.
  • Once you have a country you must hold on to it for at least 2 editions before you switch
  • Worldwide famous artist are not allowed as they would give other countries a disadvantage in the contest
  • Voting is the old ESC way of voting of one sets of votes
  • If you can't vote please tell me. saying nothing gets you a strike
  • Winners have to send a presenter, stage background and host city (Venue is optional)


Before you can borrow any song from the country that region is in please attempt to find songs from those regions if you need help I'll send you some suggestions. All regions that are under the control of Russia.png Russia can borrow Russian singers but not the big ones Like Sergey Lavarev, Polina Gagarina, Dilan Bilan etc Alsou is the only expectation as she was born in Tatarstan.png Tatarstan. This also goes for borrowing from Cyprus.png Cyprus ,Georgia.png Georgia and Turkey.png Turkey too.

Borrowing from Borrowing Region
Russia.png Russia Adygea.png Adygea
Abkhazia.png Abkhazia
Bashkortostan.png Bashkortostan
Chuvashia.png Chuvashia
Dagestan.png Dagestan
Ingushetia.png Ingushetia
Kabardino-Balkaria.png Kabardino-Balkaria
Karachay-Cherkessia.png Karachay-Cherkessia
Ossetia.png Ossetia
Tatarstan.png Tatarstan
Yakutia.png Yakutia
Georgia.png Georgia Abkhazia.png Abkhazia
Ossetia.png Ossetia
Cyprus.png Cyprus
Turkey.png Turkey
Northern Cyprus.png Northern Cyprus
Moldova.png Moldova Gagauzia.png Gagauzia


Further Information : List of Turkic Vision Song Contest Winners

Edition Host Winner Artist(s) Song Margin Runner-up Participants
#1 Astana, Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan Gauhartas "Kazagym aj" 13 Turkmenistan.png Turkmenistan 15
#2 Almaty, Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan Turkey.png Turkey Ayse Hatun Onal "Sirenler" 4 Ukraine.png Ukraine 14
#3 Istanbul, Turkey.png Turkey Germany.png Germany Faun "Wilde Rose" 2 Ukraine.png Ukraine 14
#4 Berlin, Germany.png Germany Crimea.png Crimea Jamala "I Believe in U" 3 Germany.png Germany 13
#5 Sevastopol, Crimea.png Crimea Crimea.png Crimea Zlata Ognevich "Pray for Ukraine" 1 Germany.png Germany 20
#6 Sevastopol, Crimea.png Crimea Hungary.png Hungary Kallay Saunders Andras "Juliet" 5 Kyrgyzstan.png Kyrgyzstan 17
#7 Budapest, Hungary.png Hungary Ukraine.png Ukraine Vremya & Steklo "Troll" 1 Armenia.png Armenia 18
#8 Kyiv, Ukraine.png Ukraine Turkey.png Turkey Ilkan Gunuc ft. Siva "Aglayacak" 14 Kyrgyzstan.png Kyrgyzstan 23
#9 Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.png Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan.png Kyrgyzstan Nurzat Sadykova "Biz Kyrgyzbyz!" 12 Egypt.png Egypt 19
#10 Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.png Kyrgyzstan Ukraine.png Ukraine Vera Brezhneva "Ty Moy Chelovek" 59 Egypt.png Egypt 26
#11 Kharkiv, Ukraine.png Ukraine Northern Cyprus.png Northern Cyprus Edis "Olmamış Mı?" 3 Romania.png Romania 21
#12 North Nicosia, Northern Cyprus.png Northern Cyprus Israel.png Israel Roby Rayer "Long Distance Romances" 11 Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan 22
#13 Tel Aviv, Israel.png Israel Kosovo.png Kosovo Mimoza "Big Girls Gry" 11 Iran.png Iran 24
#14 Pristina, Kosovo.png Kosovo Bulgaria.png Bulgaria Dara "Kvo Ne Chu" 15 Sweden.png Sweden 22
#15 Sofia, Bulgaria.png Bulgaria Iran.png Iran Roya "Bad" 16 Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan 24
#16 Tehran, Iran.png Iran Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan Kristina Si "Kosmos" 3 Turkey.png Turkey 22
#17 Astana, Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan Ukraine.png Ukraine The Hardkiss "Antartica" 8 Ossetia.png Ossetia 22
#18 Lviv, Ukraine.png Ukraine Northern Cyprus.png Northern Cyprus Sinan Ceceli ft. Ece Seçkin "O La La" 1 Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan 23
#19 North Nicosia, Northern Cyprus.png Northern Cyprus Uzbekistan.png Uzbekistan Gulsanam Mamazoitova "Yor Ey Yor" 1 Ukraine.png Ukraine 20
#20 Samarkand, Uzbekistan.png Uzbekistan Estonia.png Estonia Kerli "Feral Hearts" 10 Uzbekistan.png Uzbekistan 36
#21 Tallinn, Estonia.png Estonia Greece.png Greece Elena Tsagkrinou "Paradeisos" 9 Belarus.png Belarus 23
#22 Athens, Greece.png Greece Adygea.png Adygea Anzhelika Nachesova "Cherkesiya" 5 Germany.png Germany 23
#23 Maykop, Adygea.png Adygea Mongolia.png Mongolia Zamilan Bolorerdene "Goviin Domog" 1 Estonia.png Estonia 23
#24 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.png Mongolia Georgia.png Georgia Nino Basharuli "Lileo" 1 Estonia.png Estonia 24
#25 Batumi, Georgia.png Georgia Montenegro.png Montenegro Hurricane "Pain in your Eyes" 1 Dagestan.png Dagestan 45

Winner of Winners

Edition Nation Artist Song Points
1 Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan Gauhartas "Kazagym aj" 81pts
2 Northern Cyprus.png Northern Cyprus Edis "Olmamis Mis?" 75pts

All Eligible Countries

Nation Broadcaster
Adygea.png Adygea GTRK Adygea
Abkhazia.png Abkhazia VGTRK Abkhazia
Afghanistan.png Afghanistan National Radio Television Afghanistan
Albania.png Albania Radio Televizioni Shqiptar
Armenia.png Armenia Public Television of Armenia
Azerbaijan.png Azerbaijan İctimai Television
Bashkortostan.png Bashkortostan STRC Bashkortostan
Belarus.png Belarus Belarusian Television and Radio Company
Bosnia and Herzegovina.png Bosnia and Herzegovina Radio and Television of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Croatia.png Croatia Croatian Radiotelevision
Chechnya.png Chechnya Chechen television and radio company
Chuvashia.png Chuvashia Chuvash Television and Radio Company
Crimea.png Crimea Crimea Public Radio and Television
Cyprus.png Cyprus Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation
Dagestan.png Dagestan VGTRK Dagestan
East Turkestan.png East Turkestan Xinjiang Television (XJTV)
Estonia.png Estonia Eesti Rahvusringhääling
Egypt.png Egypt Egyptian Radio and Television Union
Finland.png Finland Yleisradio Oy
Gagauzia.png Gagauzia Gagauziya Radio Televizionu
Georgia.png Georgia Georgian Public Broadcaster
Germany.png Germany ARD
Greece.png Greece Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation
Hungary.png Hungary Duna Media Service Provider
Iran.png Iran Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting
Iraq.png Iraq Iraqi Media Network
Ingushetia.png Ingushetia VGTRK Ingushetia
Israel.png Israel Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation
Jordan.png Jordan Jordan Radio and Television Corporation
Kabardino-Balkaria.png Kabardino-Balkaria GTRK Kabardino-Balkaria
Karachay-Cherkessia.png Karachay-Cherkessia GTRK Karachay-Cherkessia
Kazakhstan.png Kazakhstan Khabar Agency
Kosovo.png Kosovo RTK Television
Kurdistan.png Kurdistan Korek TV
Kyrgyzstan.png Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyz Public Radio and Television Corporation
Latvia.png Latvia Latvijas Televīzija
Lebanon.png Lebanon Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International
Lithuania.png Lithuania Lithuanian National Radio and Television
North Macedonia.png North Macedonia Macedonian Radio Television
Moldova.png Moldova TeleRadio-Moldova
Mongolia.png Mongolia Mongolian National Broadcaster
Montenegro.png Montenegro Radio i televizija Crne Gore
Northern Cyprus.png Northern Cyprus GENC Television
Ossetia.png Ossetia VGTRK Ossetia
Pakistan.png Pakistan Pakistan Television Corporation
Palestine.png Palestine Palestine Broadcasting Service
Poland.png Poland Telewizja Polska
Qatar.png Qatar Al Jazeera
Romania.png Romania Televiziunea Română
Russia.png Russia Channel 1
Saudi Arabia.png Saudi Arabia Saudi Broadcasting Corporation
Serbia.png Serbia Radio Television of Serbia
Sweden.png Sweden Sveriges Television
Syria.png Syria Organization of Radio and Television Syria
Tatarstan.png Tatarstan Maydan Television
Tajikistan.png Tajikistan Televizioni Tojikiston
Turkey.png Turkey Turkish Radio and Television Corporation
Turkmenistan.png Turkmenistan Altyn Asyr
Ukraine.png Ukraine National Television Company of Ukraine
United Arab Emirates.png United Arab Emirates Middle East Broadcasting Center
Uzbekistan.png Uzbekistan MTRK
Yakutia.png Yakutia Yakutsk TV Tower
Yemen.png Yemen Yemen TV

Former Member Nations

Bulgaria.png Bulgaria was originally a strong member of TVSC community but left the Turkic Broadcasting Union (TBU) after mass protest by the population of Bulgaria.png Bulgaria over they involvement in the Contest Stating that 'They are not Turks' and refuse to accept being in a Turkic Contest again.